Vintage Leather Camel

scan0037OK, here is one of Blue Camel’s buddies. He is about six inches tall and made of stuffed leather, blanket-stitched together with green thread and probably from Libya. He is quite old; I remember playing with him when I was a kid. I liked his silky fringe.

The end. Ha. Honestly, I’ve spent too much time today trying to write something interesting and it is just not happening. Time to move on. I’d rather get on with the next and last camel illustration. Just the three camels. Unless we decide to count the cool enamel camel pendant I have…ooooh–thrift store jewelry–that opens up a whole other world of wonder! And then there will be the elephants.

Blue Camel

scan0036Isn’t this guy sweet? He’s about seven and a half inches tall, glazed clay and a wonderful turquoise color which my watercolor doesn’t quite capture. I found him at Sally’s–across from the Red Hen Bakery. He’s a little beat up–a few chips–but I was happy to give him a good home. Now he has friends to hang with: two leather camels, a tiger and lots of elephants. Would you like to see them?

Paris Lamp

scan0029This Eiffel Tower shaped lamp shade caught my eye in a thrift store, isn’t it interesting? So elegant. And it goes perfectly with the lamp base which I found a few years ago. I love it when that happens! I remember reading something about clothing–if you buy what you love then you’ll find that your clothes and accessories will all work together. Pretty much anyway. Seems it holds true for decor too. Especially if you go for that Moroccan Bazaar/antiquities museum look. Some people call it the “garage sale waiting to happen” look.

I did this pen and watercolor picture a week ago but didn’t post it because I was going to work on it some more since I’m not completely happy with my rendition. But there it sat waiting and I never got back to it which is a bad habit I have. So I’m posting it! Because this blog isn’t about perfection, is it? The idea is to DO stuff, not agonize over details and my weird little perceptions of how things should be.

In real life this shade is more pinky/tan in color and has a lovely intricate texture and pattern to it. I couldn’t figure out how the heck I was going to depict that so I got lazy and left it plain. Maybe I will give it a try again sometime. Because I’m already agonizing over the details. Ack!

Evil Eye Ashtray

scan0033This is the ashtray I was thinking of when I said “so ugly it draws attention to itself.” See what I mean? Isn’t it amazingly garish? It’s so endearing for that reason alone. And those weird little eyeballs… It’s obviously hand made of clay. I like the non- uniform quality of it which adds to it’s charm.

It wasn’t easy to draw–I had a hard time getting it to not look flat since I goofed on the line drawing which doesn’t conform to the curves of the dish. Rats. Anyway I figured I’d better just go with it as is instead of obsessing about it, which so often leads to overworking. Perfection and symmetry are overrated! Unless you are my husband. Or a teensie bit OCD.

These eyeball designs (called nazars) are supposed to ward of the evil eye. Maybe it’s like fighting fire with fire, as in my evil eye beats your evil eye. I think it began as an Eastern superstition although many countries have their own variations. Hawaiians call it stink eye!  In places where light eyes are rare, green and blue eyes were thought to be able to bestow the evil eye with or without being aware of it. Once again, I HAVE THE POWER! Booyah!

Ashtray Trio

scan0031Have I mentioned my obsession with ashtrays? I LOVE ashtrays. I am drawn to those that are interesting in some way. Like if they are small and cute like this amber glass and the blue Wedgewood one. Or unique and colorful like this mosaic dish. Which is not really an ashtray as it doesn’t have the little cigarette rest in it but it screams ashtray to me.  I like eye-catching funky ones as in-so ugly it draws attention to itself-or it has a vintage vibe. You get the idea. And I don’t smoke, so who knows why they catch my eye. I do love incense so I use them for the spent matches. But also as trinket dishes, votive or tea light holders, etc. I will search out my collection and illustrate it for you. I am giddy with the prospect. I bet you can’t wait!

Robot Collage

scan0001Let’s change things up a bit. Add a splash of color. It occurred to me that it’s OK to post a picture without a write-up sometimes. Sometimes a drawing isn’t working out or I can’t think of anything to say. Or I have a headache. Or I’m a Vermonta, I do what I wanta.  Anyway, this cheery little robot is made of vacuum parts from a magazine article. With a few other cut outs added. Painted background. Which reminds me–I have to go make pea soup now.

Fanciful Lamp-the Cherub

scan0028Here is the cherub base of the baroque lamp I posted on April 2. Frankly, I don’t get the appeal of cherubs. I said you were going to want it but now I think not. Cherubs are weird. They might be cute if they really looked like babies but in classic art they tend to have small, pudgy adult bodies with baby faces. Just odd. And the draped fabric. How about a onesie please. Or at least a diaper. Anyway, I still like the lamp mainly for it’s funk appeal. It’s fun to have at least one thing in a room that just doesn’t belong. Kind of like the thrill of wearing something that might be considered inappropriate for your age. Like the blue skull earrings I got on Friday. What, you don’t do that?

Influencing People

No I haven’t drawn the cherub yet, but I have to share this. I was in a thrift store (Ambrosia’s Gift and Thrift in E. Montpelier–sweet store!) earlier today and I got a text message from a friend who lives in Michigan. She said, “Look where I am!” And the accompanying picture (below) was of the glass dress at the Renwick Gallery in D.C.! glass dressShe was there looking at it! How cool is that? I mean I know she didn’t go all the way there because of my blog about it–her daughter lives in D.C. and that’s the reason for the visit. BUT, maybe she wouldn’t have picked the Renwick Gallery to go to if it hadn’t been for me blogging about it…right? I’VE INFLUENCED SOMEONE! I feel so POWERFUL! And VALIDATED. I am lighting an incense stick in celebration.

Fanciful Lamp

scan0025Ok, back to lamps. This jewel is a floor lamp which stands about 5’8″ tall. I only drew the top half of it since I started it too big and the paper wasn’t long enough. The base of it has a CHERUB holding it up. It’s all painted gold and ivory and looks like it belongs in the Sun King’s court at Versailles. Or a funeral parlor. Or a New Orleans brothel. And actually it came to me via my brother’s son-in-law who was working in a nursing home. I think they were redecorating and decided to chuck the baroque lamp. My sister-in-law didn’t want it in her house because she has more sense than I do. But I am attracted to weird, funky things whether or not I have room for them or they look good in my house. (No offense, honey.)

This lamp lives in our dining room by a window and next to the rattan drinks cart which is chock full of bottles and a plant. And no, I’m NOT a HOARDER. A few people have mentioned those shows to me. Just in passing. I’m trying to be more selective about things I bring home these days, I swear.

Anyway, once I draw the cherub base I’ll post it. You are going to want it.