Fanciful Lamp-the Cherub

scan0028Here is the cherub base of the baroque lamp I posted on April 2. Frankly, I don’t get the appeal of cherubs. I said you were going to want it but now I think not. Cherubs are weird. They might be cute if they really looked like babies but in classic art they tend to have small, pudgy adult bodies with baby faces. Just odd. And the draped fabric. How about a onesie please. Or at least a diaper. Anyway, I still like the lamp mainly for it’s funk appeal. It’s fun to have at least one thing in a room that just doesn’t belong. Kind of like the thrill of wearing something that might be considered inappropriate for your age. Like the blue skull earrings I got on Friday. What, you don’t do that?

5 thoughts on “Fanciful Lamp-the Cherub

  1. You’re so funny…and I want to see the blue skull earrings! BTW, now I’ve got people asking me “are you as talented as your sister?” No. The answer is no. But I do wear things that are inappropriate – I consider that a talent!

    • Wrongo, the answer is YES! You are too modest, sis. There’s rampant talent in our family, we just each manifest it differently. I wish I had your career, organizational and culinary skills. And quick witted humor. But I AM enjoying this gig as artist/blogger. Even though there’s no money in it. And I love your wardrobe. And the skull earrings come in ivory and RED too. I almost got the red.

  2. hay jodi
    you look great in those skull earings you have inspired me to break out my funky jewelery
    you are a true fashonista
    your jewelery class buddy.

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