Influencing People

No I haven’t drawn the cherub yet, but I have to share this. I was in a thrift store (Ambrosia’s Gift and Thrift in E. Montpelier–sweet store!) earlier today and I got a text message from a friend who lives in Michigan. She said, “Look where I am!” And the accompanying picture (below) was of the glass dress at the Renwick Gallery in D.C.! glass dressShe was there looking at it! How cool is that? I mean I know she didn’t go all the way there because of my blog about it–her daughter lives in D.C. and that’s the reason for the visit. BUT, maybe she wouldn’t have picked the Renwick Gallery to go to if it hadn’t been for me blogging about it…right? I’VE INFLUENCED SOMEONE! I feel so POWERFUL! And VALIDATED. I am lighting an incense stick in celebration.

6 thoughts on “Influencing People

  1. way to go! next thing we know you’ll be running for public office! 🙂 and, yes, you and your work matter!!

  2. Hey Jodi, I absolutely went to the Renwick because you had blogged about it so beautifully and I had to see it for myself! You definitely influenced and inspired me. (You always do !) I just wish I had had the time to go to the Phillips and see the beeswax room as well. Love your blog!

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