Fanciful Lamp

scan0025Ok, back to lamps. This jewel is a floor lamp which stands about 5’8″ tall. I only drew the top half of it since I started it too big and the paper wasn’t long enough. The base of it has a CHERUB holding it up. It’s all painted gold and ivory and looks like it belongs in the Sun King’s court at Versailles. Or a funeral parlor. Or a New Orleans brothel. And actually it came to me via my brother’s son-in-law who was working in a nursing home. I think they were redecorating and decided to chuck the baroque lamp. My sister-in-law didn’t want it in her house because she has more sense than I do. But I am attracted to weird, funky things whether or not I have room for them or they look good in my house. (No offense, honey.)

This lamp lives in our dining room by a window and next to the rattan drinks cart which is chock full of bottles and a plant. And no, I’m NOT a HOARDER. A few people have mentioned those shows to me. Just in passing. I’m trying to be more selective about things I bring home these days, I swear.

Anyway, once I draw the cherub base I’ll post it. You are going to want it.

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