Glass Dress at The Renwick

scan0024First of all, thanks you guys for all your supportive comments and compliments. I truly appreciate it–you are so encouraging! It makes me want to not let you down.

So let’s see.. we all know about Cinderella’s glass shoe but did you know there’s a glass dress? Yes, there is! It’s called Reclining Dress Impression with Drapery by Karen LaMonte and it’s gorgeous. It rests on a white pedestal in the center of an octagonal room with dark red walls, high ceilings, tall skinny curtained windows and an elaborate chandelier. The room itself is impressive and the perfect setting for Karen’s dress.

trip to arlington 086Above is my version of the room; to the right is a photo of the real deal. It looks like an invisible woman lounging in a translucent dress. Quite lovely. Especially if you are there in the room looking at it. You should go.

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