Winter Greetings

cardinal with catYep, I’m still alive! And I feel bad that I’ve abandoned you. Just caught up in the holiday hubbub. Anyway, it’s wonderful having the family all together which is always the greatest gift, really. The weather outside is frightful– we had a nice big snow last week and then it’s been dripping rain and/or ice for the past few days…quite foggy and atmospheric. Can you tell I’m trying to be cheerful about it? It’s the new me. This image is a collage I made for Valentine’s day a few years ago but I thought it was suitably wintry and cheery and a little mysterious. The message could be–See ya later–I’m outta here! OR Let’s all get along despite our differences. I choose the latter. Have a great Christmas you guys!

Wax Figures

scan0103Gosh, it’s been so long, I’ve missed you. I thought I’d start a new category which is “candles I just can’t burn.” Like these lovely Asian figures. Can you imagine lighting the wicks of these? Heck no–they are beautiful little sculptures. Unfortunately the lady has a broken neck which I have temporarily mended with wax putty, otherwise her head just lolls only attached by the wick. I guess you didn’t need to know that grim detail. They are about 11 inches tall–so graceful and serene. I have them minding the elephants on top of the TV armoire. I think they have a calming influence. Don’t you feel calm?