Winter Greetings

cardinal with catYep, I’m still alive! And I feel bad that I’ve abandoned you. Just caught up in the holiday hubbub. Anyway, it’s wonderful having the family all together which is always the greatest gift, really. The weather outside is frightful– we had a nice big snow last week and then it’s been dripping rain and/or ice for the past few days…quite foggy and atmospheric. Can you tell I’m trying to be cheerful about it? It’s the new me. This image is a collage I made for Valentine’s day a few years ago but I thought it was suitably wintry and cheery and a little mysterious. The message could be–See ya later–I’m outta here! OR Let’s all get along despite our differences. I choose the latter. Have a great Christmas you guys!

6 thoughts on “Winter Greetings

  1. Nice. A good message for any time of year. Love your art, anytime, all the time. Will I see you at the sr center in the new year?


  2. Great card, Jodi! Tara is flying in today for the week. She’s a tender-hearted cat lover and would think it’s so sweet that the cat and bird are getting along. Me, I figure the cat’s looking forward to a delicious holiday meal! Merry Christmas. Hugs and love to the family. Carole

  3. Sweet, how did you do the background, was that a card, or did you paint that as well. Even though it was a valentine, it seems very christmasy, I wish I liked cats đŸ™‚ Maybe I just don’t understand them.

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