Golden Nose

scan0070This guy…I don’t know what or who he is but the plaque looks like something from Mexico or Central American to me. This isn’t the sort of thing I’m usually drawn to but–THAT NOSE! What a great NOSE. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it’s like a big gold fist. I still haven’t decided where to hang it, though. Maybe by the back door to give people something to think about as they are coming and going.

Drawing it was the easy part. Painting it was time consuming and a bit tricky and I had a real problem with the background color. Tried two different shades (too light, then too dark) and the paper was getting pretty beat up and warped so I ended up covering it with acrylic paint and that will have to do. The nose, cheeks and eyebrows are metallic gold paint which doesn’t show up in the scanned image. My rendering looks rather flat unfortunately when really the head part is slightly domed. I thought I could do some shading after painting but then was afraid of ruining it after all the time spent. So I have some learning to do. No big deal. This guy just exudes power, doesn’t he? I feel powerful. Now you can too!

Family Heirlooms

scan0068Here are two clay sculptures that my sons made when they were young. The aqua gargoyle on the right is Spencer’s. I love the tiny white wings–so funny because if that guy were real, they’d be of no use to him. He would need giant dragon wings to lift his weight. But that’s the beauty of artistic license.

The spiky turtle-like monster is Sam’s and it was quite difficult to draw and paint, I must say. You’ve got to admire the painstaking detail that went into all those spikes. It’s solid and grounded–and not to be messed with, right? Funny how kids like monsters. And things that fight. I positioned them so that they are having a dialog. But I’ve always been a dreamer.

Hurricane Season

scan0067Remember I mentioned that mono-printing class I took a few years ago? I described the process in the post “My Mutant Lamp” on March 24. Anyway, this palm tree is also from that class. I mention it because they are offering that workshop again at Studio Place Arts and I signed up. Yay!

I’m posting old stuff since I haven’t been able to finish my current drawing as we are working on scraping and painting our house. And by the way, in case you are wondering, it’s not nearly as much fun as my sketch blog painting.

Oh hey, my friend Karen, in Michigan, just sent me a wad of small produce net bags! All different colors, even purple and green. Fun! How many people do you know who get excited over a windfall like that? We are a select few. Now I get to keep on with the veiled hat series or maybe start an entirely new series of netting collages. Hmm…

Veiled Hat

scan0061This little sketch is from a year or two ago. (Guess I DO need to write down dates!) I wanted to reuse some of the netting from citrus bags which reminds me of the veiled hats that used to be so popular. So I did the watercolor and then glued a piece of the red net to it. Voila. I think it really wants to be one of a series, don’t you? I’ll get right on that.

Speaking of hats, I recently bought a book called Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen which is a charming look at stylish older woman in NYC. Mr. Cohen has great admiration and respect for the unique and often exuberant styles of these women he sees and photographs (with their permission of course) on the streets of New York. Many of them are well over 70 and utterly vibrant and original. Some wear quirky, colorful outfits, others are exquisitely elegant. All have taken the time to select just the right accessories to suit their tastes. LOTS of accessories! I am SO inspired. The prospect of getting older seems more exciting now. What?? I know–quite an accomplishment for Mr. Cohen! Take a peek at it next time you are in a bookstore or check out his blog which is where it all started.

Sweet Ceramic

scan0059Bam! How’s that for staying on top of the blog! Rich said, “What is THAT?” That is a jaunty little clay bowl that some child made with great care and attention to detail and I found it at a thrift store. Which made me sad. How could anyone get rid of this? It’s so charmingly lumpy and imperfectly sweet. And the colors are wonderful. So I rescued it from oblivion.

Tribal Bowl

late july 016Oh right, I have a blog! Sheesh. Sorry for making you wait so long in between posts. Need to get cracking here. I guess I’m going to have to break down and make a schedule which I am loathe to do. But maybe having a set hour in the morning that is drawing time would be just the ticket. After the crossword. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Isn’t this an unusual piece? I love the burnished wood and pointy-chinned, carved faces on this bowl. Which I found at a thrift store, natch. It looks like it’s meant as an ashtray but I can’t imagine putting out a cigarette in there and marring the beautiful wood surface with burn marks. Not to mention the fire hazard.

This drawing would be better if I finished it! Sometimes I reach a point in a drawing and don’t know what else to do to it or I tire of it or the light changes, it gets smudgy…etc. Sometimes I just have to leave it and maybe go back to it later. Or start fresh. Or move on. Be like a rolling stone…except that I LOVE moss…