Table With Arrangement

scan0186Came across this unfinished drawing in my charcoal tablet yesterday. I had drawn it from a magazine photo. So I worked on it some more and it’s still pretty sketchy/scribbly. But I’m done with it. I have this tendency to not finish things. Not necessarily on purpose, but sometimes I reach a point where I’m not sure what to do next and I don’t want to ruin it. Or maybe I’m tired of it. Or I just like it that way, in which case, it IS on purpose! Obviously I’m not trying for photographic realism in my art. I like slightly quirky stuff, imperfect and off-kilter. Because life is like that.

Woodland Portrait

scan0185This portrait was done in memory of Nancy Jo– Carly’s mom. I didn’t know her but I probably would have liked her. She liked nature and being out in the woods and at the beach. Carly loves the outdoors too and is a plant pathologist. So I decided on the leafy collage headpiece with a chipmunk. And the veil of course.