Year Of The Horse

scan0117According to the Chinese astrological calendar, today is the first day of the Lunar New Year. And it’s the year of the horse. Another reason to celebrate besides the fact that it’s Friday. As if you needed more reasons. I thought I’d draw a cute little foal in honor of the occasion. Spence called to wish me a happy new year in Vietnamese and said that I shouldn’t do any cleaning today in order to not sweep away good luck. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that! Maybe I shouldn’t cook either. Good thing it’s pizza night! Wishing you all the best–health, happiness and abundant blessings.

Turtle Lamp

scan0110Another sweet little lamp. I’ve had two similar turtle lamps I bought years ago but they had molded amber glass shells–also quite lovely. One got broken in Sam’s college dorm room. Not a surprise. The other is still going strong in his current apartment. This one has a beautiful stained glass shell which is so striking when lit. Perfect night light…you can’t help but smile when you see this little guy lighting your way in the dark.

Black Knight

scan0109And voila– here he is. I used a black Sharpie marker and did a very quick sketch on a thin piece of cardboard from some packaging, then added highlights with a white Uni-ball pen. I like the plain old cardboard for a background. I love that the knights are on rearing horses. It’s what first drew me in when I saw this chess set. Hmm… what should I draw for you now?

White Queen

scan0107I found this medieval style chess set at a thrift store–what a score! It made for a fun Christmas gift for son number two. It’s plastic but the pieces are substantial–the queen is about four and a half inches tall and so elegant, don’t you think? Love her hat (crown). Tuyen had a college art professor, Mark Grote, who did a series of sculptures of medieval hats inspired by the quirky hats in various paintings by Renaissance artist Piero Della Francesca from the 1400s. What a fun project! Grote’s hats are big like the size of car tires. I think they are paper mache but not positive. You can see them at his website –just click on projects and then on hats. If you are curious. My queen was drawn with colored pencil on tinted pastel paper which is really too textured for a small drawing like this. It’s more sketchy than I planned. I think I’ll stick to smooth paper for the next one. The black knight!

New Dreams-Chelsea’s Tray

nuther tray 003I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was dusting. Which irked me. I thought, “Really? DUSTING?” Pathetic. I mean I know my house needs some cleaning but what the heck kind of message is that for the new year? Looks like I need some new dreams. Maybe that could be a new art subject. This collage tray (I think one of my best efforts) evokes a dreamlike sense of beauty and mystery. Fantasy. Where is that dang glass slipper?