Three Little Dishes

flowers and dishes 004I love small, pretty dishes which are the perfect size to set a spoon on after stirring coffee and tiny bowls for…um..I don’t know—to put a tea bag on maybe? ¬†Really, what would the tiny bottom one be made for? It’s only about an inch and a quarter in diameter. But so sweet. Maybe for a thimbleful of sake. Anyway, I have a pile of these little mini saucers and teensie bowls which teeter in the cupboard and drive people crazy. And now they are still life objects.

Africa Tray

decoupage tray 004Lest you grow weary of camels and elephants, here are some zebras. This is a decoupage tray which is a collage glued on a tray with lots of coats of Mod Podge on top. ¬† I made a few of these a year or two ago–I love cutting and pasting! I gave them away but luckily I took pictures. I can’t wait to do some more but the thing is it’s a big messy project for me. It involves tons of magazines and pages and snippets of paper everywhere while I’m deciding on a scene and finding just the right things for it. It always involves making a HUGE mess on the dining table AND living room floor, with scraps of paper trailing throughout the house…not a project to be undertaken lightly or if we are having guests anytime soon. Or if anyone else is in the house pretty much. It’s SO much fun.

I bought the trays at thrift stores–this one is one of those Currier and Ives print trays. I left some of the original picture showing in places–the grass in front foreground, the sky and trees in the top left. Next time, I’m going to use polyurethane for a more durable finish since I had some problems with things sticking to and leaving an imprint on the trays. It will add to the drying time but oh well.

If you immerse yourself in this project, you will forget about eating and half a day will go by before you come up for air and realize you are still in your jammies. That’s the kind of fun I’m talking about! How can you say “Nah, dude” to that?

Big Ol’ Elephant

scan0048Yes, well, not one of my most successful endeavors but time to move on. This is my third attempt for crying out loud and I’ve grown weary of trying to capture his essence. The actual wooden elephant is about a foot tall and maybe sixteen inches from tail to trunk. Solid and heavy and so sweetly painted. I love this elephant. I will give it a go another time. Made in India–of course. So many of my favorite decorative items are from India. Funny what people are drawn to. Maybe I lived there in another life. When it was less crowded.