Benevolent Sun

scan0182Pretty sure she would never send harmful ultraviolet rays down on us, no sirree. This carved wooden plaque is just so cool. I got it at one of my local thrifty haunts. Not sure where it’s from but it looks Indonesianish to me. I want to hang it in my bathroom high up on the wall to look down and radiate warmth this winter. That’s the plan. The plan also was to do this in color but I was enjoying the pencil drawing so decided to go with it. Maybe I will give it another try in a different medium soon. It’s colorfully painted and has a smudgy, antiquey look to it. I keep thinking of that Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun. In fact, I can’t get it out of my head. And now you can have it running non-stop through your head. Hahahahaha. You’re welcome!