Flower Collage

scan0177Here is something colorful to look at. As I’ve said before, I love to cut and paste. There’s nothing like having a pile of glossy-paged magazines and a sharp pair of scissors at hand. A jelly donut and cup of coffee comes close but well, that’s a different kind of delight. This is just leaves, flowers and an urn that I cut from decor and garden magazines, glued on card stock and embellished with a gold metallic pen. You can do this! I call it paper therapy.

Goddess Monotype

scan0168Came across this recently. From the monotype workshop I took back in May. I wasn’t very happy with the images I made so I set them aside and forgot about them. This one is somewhat interesting I guess. In a ho-hum kind of way. As a reference, I was using my pen drawing from my May 30, 2013 blog post entitled Carved Goddess . Which I like much better. scan0044Here’s a thumbnail of it. Makes me think of ornate temples. I just lit a stick of India Temple incense to further set the mood. Can you smell it? It’s a rather cloying, sweet scent but I like it anyway and the elaborate package design appeals to me. It says on the box that it smells like heaven–but how do they know? Now if only I had a pot of curry on the stove and a stack of Naan. Or even just the Naan. Mmm.