Winecap Dinosaur

dinosaurFor years I’ve saved the lead wrapping on wine bottles because it’s so much fun to fold, tear, and make pictures with. Sometimes when you are limited to just a small bit of material to make something with, it’s easier to create and it’s fun and relaxing. Kind of like doodling.

There was a restaurant we used to go to that had a picture on the wall I really liked–just the flat image of a black dress made up of flattened pieces of wine bottle wraps. I loved that piece and always wanted to make one like it. But have I? Nope. Now MUST though, right? Thanks for motivating me! The challenge, of course, will be to find my stash of wine cap wrappings…somewhere in our scary attic.

Which reminds me–many, many years ago when our house was being painted, Scott, the painter, had to go into the attic to reach a window. When he came downstairs he said, “I have two words for you, Jodi: DUMP STER!

Arabian Style Drink Set

scan0054A friend of mine in Oregon sent me (back in early spring) this little ceramic set which she found at a thrift store and which made her think of me–sweet! Thanks Carole. She said she was actually looking for an ugly ashtray to send me for my collection but they were fresh out. We weren’t sure what this set is meant for but I’ve searched online and found similar ones especially made of metal described as Arabian wine pots or coffee/tea sets. This one has a brown glaze with white inside the cups. The pot is about 6 1/2 inches tall and the plate is 7 inches in diameter.

I finally sat down to try sketching it a few weeks ago and got as far as an outline of the tray and one cup and then realized it would take longer than a few minutes and be more complicated than I had time for right then—so yeah, screw that! How lazy is that? I’m terrible. So then a week ago I put it on the table to gear up for another try. Meanwhile my son Sam was home on Monday admiring it and I told him about my pathetic attempt so he sat down with his coffee and took a piece of paper and a pen and proceeded to do a lovely drawing of it in just a few minutes. I was so impressed. That’s how it’s done. So then I sheepishly set to work. Here is Sam’s sketch. Go Sam!scan0053

Marzipan Animals

marzipan animals 002My husband and two of his siblings were eyeing the candy selection at a Dean & DeLuca’s in NC recently (there for a wedding) and trying not to go hog wild which showed remarkable and admirable restraint, I might add. Anyway, he got me these CUTE marzipan animals which he shouldn’t have as they were outrageously expensive but that’s the kind of guy he is. Sugary sweet. Of course I can’t eat them, they are much too adorable. They are little works of art–someone made them by hand, which explains the expense. But I figured if I draw them for the blog, it makes me feel better about it. Maybe later I’ll eat them. Since I’m not a vegetarian.

Decoupage Cafeteria Tray

decoupage trays 008This is the first tray I tried decoupaging. It’s a melamine school cafeteria tray I got at the ReStore years ago. Love the turquoise color. And the contrasting lipstick pink colors I found to cut out. I had so much fun doing this one, the quirky combination of images pleases me. It’s an odd shape and probably wouldn’t appeal to everyone so I kept it! Yay!