Marzipan Animals

marzipan animals 002My husband and two of his siblings were eyeing the candy selection at a Dean & DeLuca’s in NC recently (there for a wedding) and trying not to go hog wild which showed remarkable and admirable restraint, I might add. Anyway, he got me these CUTE marzipan animals which he shouldn’t have as they were outrageously expensive but that’s the kind of guy he is. Sugary sweet. Of course I can’t eat them, they are much too adorable. They are little works of art–someone made them by hand, which explains the expense. But I figured if I draw them for the blog, it makes me feel better about it. Maybe later I’ll eat them. Since I’m not a vegetarian.

4 thoughts on “Marzipan Animals

  1. So, Jodi, after Rich showed me how to follow the blog by clicking, uh, “follow,” I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for your next email post to appear. No posts. I figured you must need a few months of destressing after spending so many days with the family in North Carolina. Finally, I opened the original email today and realized I needed to “confirm” to get the future posts! And the first painting I see is of the marzipan animals. Your art and blog are delicious. Love, Carole

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