Decoupage Cafeteria Tray

decoupage trays 008This is the first tray I tried decoupaging. It’s a melamine school cafeteria tray I got at the ReStore years ago. Love the turquoise color. And the contrasting lipstick pink colors I found to cut out. I had so much fun doing this one, the quirky combination of images pleases me. It’s an odd shape and probably wouldn’t appeal to everyone so I kept it! Yay!

7 thoughts on “Decoupage Cafeteria Tray

  1. I just love it!!� When did you get time to put this on your Blog.� Happy to hear about you and Laurie and HER camel..Small world.� Sounds like you had a good visit..

  2. Excellent, Jody. I love it..Decoupage is fun…even the cutting out part. I sometimes do it on large light weight shells… or on flat pieces of wood…to be the center piece of a necklace. Don’t think I have any to show you…sold…hooray!

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