Three Little Dishes

flowers and dishes 004I love small, pretty dishes which are the perfect size to set a spoon on after stirring coffee and tiny bowls for…um..I don’t know—to put a tea bag on maybe?  Really, what would the tiny bottom one be made for? It’s only about an inch and a quarter in diameter. But so sweet. Maybe for a thimbleful of sake. Anyway, I have a pile of these little mini saucers and teensie bowls which teeter in the cupboard and drive people crazy. And now they are still life objects.

3 thoughts on “Three Little Dishes

  1. Lovely, Jodie…very sweet small things. I too, have an assortment of small plates, bowls, spoons, nd the like. I’d love for you to drop by some evening just to see my apt and collections. I wonder if I have more stuff than you..or if it’s a tie!.

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