Winecap Dinosaur

dinosaurFor years I’ve saved the lead wrapping on wine bottles because it’s so much fun to fold, tear, and make pictures with. Sometimes when you are limited to just a small bit of material to make something with, it’s easier to create and it’s fun and relaxing. Kind of like doodling.

There was a restaurant we used to go to that had a picture on the wall I really liked–just the flat image of a black dress made up of flattened pieces of wine bottle wraps. I loved that piece and always wanted to make one like it. But have I? Nope. Now MUST though, right? Thanks for motivating me! The challenge, of course, will be to find my stash of wine cap wrappings…somewhere in our scary attic.

Which reminds me–many, many years ago when our house was being painted, Scott, the painter, had to go into the attic to reach a window. When he came downstairs he said, “I have two words for you, Jodi: DUMP STER!

4 thoughts on “Winecap Dinosaur

  1. You are amazing. I never would have thought of doing that with those pesky wrappers. I’d offer to save them for you but it sounds like you may already have more than you need.

    • Thanks, Barb. I don’t think I have a lot but I haven’t really looked yet. I’ll let you know. The lead kind works best, but I notice they don’t always use that nowadays. Probably since it’s toxic! Ack! You just have to wash your hands after handling it. Hope that’s all it takes…

  2. So you have more than what you had for this picture???? I do like it, he looks kind of leathery. I miss hearing about Scott, you really could have written a sitcom about him. It was like living with Ralph and Alph! PS I like the way you did the head.

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