Black and White Necklace

more necklace 003Well gosh, I am such a delinquent blogger. Not that you are clamoring to hear from me but the whole idea of my blog is to draw and post stuff on a regular basis. Certainly more than once a month. But never mind, time to jump start it again, get back into the swing. Here is a simple necklace I made from rustic glass beads from the ReStore and a length of black suede cord. I drew it on this vintage ledger paper for added interest, using a black felt pen, white acrylic paint and watercolor pencils for the shading. It is too big for the scanner so I took pictures and then got obsessed with the photo editing trying to get it to look like it does in real life. Spent way too long on that. Geez, as if it mattered. I hate my inability to decide and select. Turns everything into a monumental ordeal. UGH. Sometimes I hate myself. Time to cut into the chocolate cake!

Knitted Batman Suit

scan0231While visiting my parents in VA last week, I went to the Textile Museum at GWU. They have some interesting pieces, old and new, in the collection. But I have to say, this hand knitted batman suit is my favorite. An artist named Mark Newport¬†knitted it out of acrylic yarn–it is adult size and must have taken FOREVER to knit. Knitting is slow. I searched for him online and oh my gosh, he has made lots of super hero suits along with some made up ones — “Sweater Man” for example. All different colors and stripes. They are hilarious, sweet and quirky. He’s been exhibiting these for a while (he must knit 24/7!) and he likes them droopy on a hanger as if they were hanging in your closet for you to put on. Hmm…who shall I be today? Don’t you want to meet this guy? His view of the world must be colorful. I used a Pentel Energel pen (I like how it bleeds a little when wet) and watercolor pencils for my sketch.