Knitted Batman Suit

scan0231While visiting my parents in VA last week, I went to the Textile Museum at GWU. They have some interesting pieces, old and new, in the collection. But I have to say, this hand knitted batman suit is my favorite. An artist named Mark Newport¬†knitted it out of acrylic yarn–it is adult size and must have taken FOREVER to knit. Knitting is slow. I searched for him online and oh my gosh, he has made lots of super hero suits along with some made up ones — “Sweater Man” for example. All different colors and stripes. They are hilarious, sweet and quirky. He’s been exhibiting these for a while (he must knit 24/7!) and he likes them droopy on a hanger as if they were hanging in your closet for you to put on. Hmm…who shall I be today? Don’t you want to meet this guy? His view of the world must be colorful. I used a Pentel Energel pen (I like how it bleeds a little when wet) and watercolor pencils for my sketch.