Flower Collage

scan0177Here is something colorful to look at. As I’ve said before, I love to cut and paste. There’s nothing like having a pile of glossy-paged magazines and a sharp pair of scissors at hand. A jelly donut and cup of coffee comes close but well, that’s a different kind of delight. This is just leaves, flowers and an urn that I cut from decor and garden magazines, glued on card stock and embellished with a gold metallic pen. You can do this! I call it paper therapy.

14 thoughts on “Flower Collage

  1. Jodi this is so pretty. Warms me up on this chilly night, which is good cuz I don’t want to put on the heat yet. – Marylou

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  2. I could do this! But it wouldn’t look nearly as beautiful as yours done. Like Barb said, you could easily sell these. I’m putting in my order for a dozen now 🙂

  3. You have so much talent…and I really enjoy seeing it all. We’re having that MSAC holiday bazaar again this year on Nov. 15th.!! Can you come over and have lunch with me on a Tuesday or Friday…not this week, but the next, or next..? How was the wedding?

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