Black Knight

scan0109And voila– here he is. I used a black Sharpie marker and did a very quick sketch on a thin piece of cardboard from some packaging, then added highlights with a white Uni-ball pen. I like the plain old cardboard for a background. I love that the knights are on rearing horses. It’s what first drew me in when I saw this chess set. Hmm… what should I draw for you now?

6 thoughts on “Black Knight

  1. You are so clever! I never would have thought of that. I am taking drawing class from Jeneane Lunn at msac on Thursdays. It has been very helpful so far, even after one class. Kim and I are away this week, so she sent us our homework assignment via email and I have been practicing. We are in Belize. Don’t be jealous, it has been rainy and cool. Warmer than VT but not what we were hoping for. No snorkeling, swimming or sunning. How disappointing. But I have had lots of time to draw. Hope to see you soon, Barb


  2. That was fast! I didn’t even get around to commenting on the queen yet (I thought it quite amazing you captured the delicateness on that much texture in the paper). And the king is awesome, bold and daring. How you can capture so much, so quickly, in such a small space, is a mystery to me. Thanks for sharing your work.

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