Veiled Hat–Bee Bonnet

scan0133I was trying to think of how to include guys in the veiled hat series. Eureka… bee-keeper’s netted hats. I just wish I had added a few bees on the plain hat. That would have been perfect. So unlike me to not overdo a good thing. But I’ve already sent the card. Guess I’ve been too distracted by our bathroom renovation. Pretty much every room is trashed. How do people renovate a whole house? Good gosh, the mess from one puny bathroom is tremendous. Well, it will be nice when it’s finished and much improved. Sam used to say that showering in there reminded him of summer camp. Which is pretty insulting if you saw the camp he’s referring to. VERY ‘bugs and splintered wood’ rustic. Our bathroom was not THAT bad. Hmph. Kids.

Green Veil

scan0078That camel necklace was fun to paint so I’m excited to draw more jewelry but I don’t have time right now. Busy weeks. If I were organized, and made schedules, and had extensive lists like someone I’m married to, I could probably fit that in. But I’m not. It is a future possibility though; I could change. It could happen. Anyway, here is another in the veiled hat series from about 2 weeks ago. Let’s call her Lori Jean.

Self Portrait With Butterflies And Veil

scan0084Well. Self portraits are mighty hard. Especially the noses. And Rich says “She looks older than you.” Perhaps. But you have to keep on drawing faces in order to have any eventual success at it. Why does everything have to require so much practice? Anyhow, I do like the butterflies which I cut from a fancy cocktail napkin. And the bright blue one from a magazine. They give your eye something pretty to rest on. And the produce bag netting has a softening effect. I saw a line somewhere (don’t know the source of the quote), “Leave everyone wondering which is more interesting, you or your hat.” In this case, it’s definitely the hat!

Veiled Hat

scan0061This little sketch is from a year or two ago. (Guess I DO need to write down dates!) I wanted to reuse some of the netting from citrus bags which reminds me of the veiled hats that used to be so popular. So I did the watercolor and then glued a piece of the red net to it. Voila. I think it really wants to be one of a series, don’t you? I’ll get right on that.

Speaking of hats, I recently bought a book called Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen which is a charming look at stylish older woman in NYC. Mr. Cohen has great admiration and respect for the unique and often exuberant styles of these women he sees and photographs (with their permission of course) on the streets of New York. Many of them are well over 70 and utterly vibrant and original. Some wear quirky, colorful outfits, others are exquisitely elegant. All have taken the time to select just the right accessories to suit their tastes. LOTS of accessories! I am SO inspired. The prospect of getting older seems more exciting now. What?? I know–quite an accomplishment for Mr. Cohen! Take a peek at it next time you are in a bookstore or check out his blog which is where it all started.