Veiled Hat–Bee Bonnet

scan0133I was trying to think of how to include guys in the veiled hat series. Eureka… bee-keeper’s netted hats. I just wish I had added a few bees on the plain hat. That would have been perfect. So unlike me to not overdo a good thing. But I’ve already sent the card. Guess I’ve been too distracted by our bathroom renovation. Pretty much every room is trashed. How do people renovate a whole house? Good gosh, the mess from one puny bathroom is tremendous. Well, it will be nice when it’s finished and much improved. Sam used to say that showering in there reminded him of summer camp. Which is pretty insulting if you saw the camp he’s referring to. VERY ‘bugs and splintered wood’ rustic. Our bathroom was not THAT bad. Hmph. Kids.