Tribal Bowl

late july 016Oh right, I have a blog! Sheesh. Sorry for making you wait so long in between posts. Need to get cracking here. I guess I’m going to have to break down and make a schedule which I am loathe to do. But maybe having a set hour in the morning that is drawing time would be just the ticket. After the crossword. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Isn’t this an unusual piece? I love the burnished wood and pointy-chinned, carved faces on this bowl. Which I found at a thrift store, natch. It looks like it’s meant as an ashtray but I can’t imagine putting out a cigarette in there and marring the beautiful wood surface with burn marks. Not to mention the fire hazard.

This drawing would be better if I finished it! Sometimes I reach a point in a drawing and don’t know what else to do to it or I tire of it or the light changes, it gets smudgy…etc. Sometimes I just have to leave it and maybe go back to it later. Or start fresh. Or move on. Be like a rolling stone…except that I LOVE moss…