Anne’s Decoupage Tray

more trays 001Here is another of my decoupage trays for you to look at while I decide what to sketch next. This one was built around a magazine photo of this portrait of Juliette Recamier by Jacques Louis David in 1800, which I loved. I wanted to create a room for her with one of those open air courtyard gardens so I could use the pillared archway I had cut out and I also wanted to include the interesting black chair (dang that flash glare). I think those were the three things I decided to start with. And of course lots of leafy plants! The tiled bit of floor and the Persian rug begged to be in it too once I saw them. Not very noticeable is the fluffy owl perched on the back of the chair and the tortoise on the tile floor. Just talking about the scene makes me want to start cutting and pasting! So much fun. WHY am I not doing that now, again? Oh right, the mess.

Side note–check this out. My friend Laurie saw the April 30 post of my vintage leather camel and it looked familiar–turns out she has one just like it except white leather with orange fringe instead of tan with cream. What are the odds of that? Hers looks brand new though. Mine has lost his red bead. And his youthful gloss. It’s OK.

charlotte 055 scan0037