Sweet Ceramic

scan0059Bam! How’s that for staying on top of the blog! Rich said, “What is THAT?” That is a jaunty little clay bowl that some child made with great care and attention to detail and I found it at a thrift store. Which made me sad. How could anyone get rid of this? It’s so charmingly lumpy and imperfectly sweet. And the colors are wonderful. So I rescued it from oblivion.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Ceramic

  1. What happens to the little ceramic bowl now? Maybe it will be in a Yankee swap ;), you make the painting the cloth look so effortless.

  2. You are right Jodi, how can a parent get rid of something made with such care by their child. I still have the clay bowls my kids made. I love reading your comments that go along with your drawings. You have such a way with words. Very poetic. Not to mention your amazing artistry.

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