Hurricane Season

scan0067Remember I mentioned that mono-printing class I took a few years ago? I described the process in the post “My Mutant Lamp” on March 24. Anyway, this palm tree is also from that class. I mention it because they are offering that workshop again at Studio Place Arts and I signed up. Yay!

I’m posting old stuff since I haven’t been able to finish my current drawing as we are working on scraping and painting our house. And by the way, in case you are wondering, it’s not nearly as much fun as my sketch blog painting.

Oh hey, my friend Karen, in Michigan, just sent me a wad of small produce net bags! All different colors, even purple and green. Fun! How many people do you know who get excited over a windfall like that? We are a select few. Now I get to keep on with the veiled hat series or maybe start an entirely new series of netting collages. Hmm…

9 thoughts on “Hurricane Season

  1. Jodi, I’m loving your art work from all the recent posts. I sure wish I’d saved some of my old hats with the veils. But at least now I know what to do when I’ve finished a bag of onions: Staple the net to my forehead. Happy late birthday to your mom.

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