Ashtray Trio

scan0031Have I mentioned my obsession with ashtrays? I LOVE ashtrays. I am drawn to those that are interesting in some way. Like if they are small and cute like this amber glass and the blue Wedgewood one. Or unique and colorful like this mosaic dish. Which is not really an ashtray as it doesn’t have the little cigarette rest in it but it screams ashtray to me.  I like eye-catching funky ones as in-so ugly it draws attention to itself-or it has a vintage vibe. You get the idea. And I don’t smoke, so who knows why they catch my eye. I do love incense so I use them for the spent matches. But also as trinket dishes, votive or tea light holders, etc. I will search out my collection and illustrate it for you. I am giddy with the prospect. I bet you can’t wait!

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