Ten Minute Camel Sketch

One weekend when Sam was here he suggested we draw together, doing timed ten minute sketches. The object was my choice, the medium his–charcoal. It was so much fun. I may have gone a tad over ten minutes but not much. This ceramic camel is about eight inches long and three and a half inches wide and I guess it’s meant to be a tea pot or creamer since his mouth is a spout. It probably at one time had a lid. But matching lids to things are in short supply in thrift stores. He’s charming, though, don’t you think? Definitely fits in with my curios.

Ceramic Camel

scan0152 I miss doing weekly art for the blog! There’s a lot going on now but I’ll be able to get back on schedule in July. The story behind this ceramic camel is that I saw it at Sally’s–that thrift store across from the Red Hen bakery–and I REALLY wanted it but it was $25 and I’m trying to not spend frivolously and also trying to not add to my already bursting-at-the-seams house. So I resisted. Told Rich about it and he was glad that I restrained myself. The next day I drove to NY to pick up Spence and Tuyen and when we got back, the camel was sitting on the porch like she was home where she belonged. Rich had a note on it saying it was an early birthday present. How sweet is that? Nice camel. NICE HUSBAND!

Blue Camel

scan0036Isn’t this guy sweet? He’s about seven and a half inches tall, glazed clay and a wonderful turquoise color which my watercolor doesn’t quite capture. I found him at Sally’s–across from the Red Hen Bakery. He’s a little beat up–a few chips–but I was happy to give him a good home. Now he has friends to hang with: two leather camels, a tiger and lots of elephants. Would you like to see them?