Ceramic Camel

scan0152 I miss doing weekly art for the blog! There’s a lot going on now but I’ll be able to get back on schedule in July. The story behind this ceramic camel is that I saw it at Sally’s–that thrift store across from the Red Hen bakery–and I REALLY wanted it but it was $25 and I’m trying to not spend frivolously and also trying to not add to my already bursting-at-the-seams house. So I resisted. Told Rich about it and he was glad that I restrained myself. The next day I drove to NY to pick up Spence and Tuyen and when we got back, the camel was sitting on the porch like she was home where she belonged. Rich had a note on it saying it was an early birthday present. How sweet is that? Nice camel. NICE HUSBAND!

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