Painted Windmill

scan0157This little charmingly painted, wooden windmill is five and a half inches tall, not including the arms. It’s from Holland, but I found it at a thrift store for $3. It looks old, you know, that vintage charm that you don’t see in new stuff. I should try this again perhaps on different paper since my drawing is a little out of whack and maybe the brown paper is way too much brown. I didn’t think it through in my rush to get to the drawing part. A frequent mistake. I like making art but don’t enjoy the planning part so much. I know something’s not quite right when I start thinking– should I cut it out and paste it on something else? Put some color in the background? Is there any way to salvage this sort of cute but not totally effective drawing? I hate when that happens.

6 thoughts on “Painted Windmill

  1. Did I tell you I just went to holland and saw some of these first hand. Of course these older ones have been replaced by newer models, and these have been converted into private homes.


  2. not too much brown…it’s very nice! I wonder where it came from…someone must have brought it back from Holland as a gift, don’t you think? or maybe a souvenir of their trip?

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