Paris Lamp

scan0029This Eiffel Tower shaped lamp shade caught my eye in a thrift store, isn’t it interesting? So elegant. And it goes perfectly with the lamp base which I found a few years ago. I love it when that happens! I remember reading something about clothing–if you buy what you love then you’ll find that your clothes and accessories will all work together. Pretty much anyway. Seems it holds true for decor too. Especially if you go for that Moroccan Bazaar/antiquities museum look. Some people call it the “garage sale waiting to happen” look.

I did this pen and watercolor picture a week ago but didn’t post it because I was going to work on it some more since I’m not completely happy with my rendition. But there it sat waiting and I never got back to it which is a bad habit I have. So I’m posting it! Because this blog isn’t about perfection, is it? The idea is to DO stuff, not agonize over details and my weird little perceptions of how things should be.

In real life this shade is more pinky/tan in color and has a lovely intricate texture and pattern to it. I couldn’t figure out how the heck I was going to depict that so I got lazy and left it plain. Maybe I will give it a try again sometime. Because I’m already agonizing over the details. Ack!