Happy Birthday, Hon

scan0245I like colorful paintings of food, flowers, and dishes strewn over a table top. Desserts I mean, not the paintings with whole fish on a plate or freshly hunted animals. I’m talking about like Maira Kalman does, and Wayne Thiebaud’s bakery items. Or this here. Today is Rich’s birthday but he said no cake since he’s trying to cut carbs. His splurge will be Italian bread with dinner since he enjoys that more than cake. I know, so weird. Although lots of people are bread lovers. Wish I didn’t like desserts so much. It’s my favorite food group. Sugar is so badass.

Bunny in the Meadow

scan0243I know. It’s been a long time. It’s been a weird, bleak winter and I guess I’m in a funk. I would probably feel better if I had been making art every day but no. So time to plow through the fog and make a blog post. Let’s think spring with a cute bunny in a meadow. I made this card for my friend Mary Jane who loves bunny rabbits. There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

A Good Egg

scan0211Well this was fussy! But it was fun to draw once I settled down to it. Sort of meditative except for the part where I hold my breath. That can’t be good. This egg falls into the category of candles I can’t burn. It’s just too pretty. But then I’m a saver as you know. I was fine with this until I put the shadow in–ugh. Me and my shadows–geez. And the perspective, the curvature of the egg–tricky! Parts are a little awry. A little more time spent tweaking the initial sketch would solve some issues. But never mind all that, it’s still a good egg.

Enamel Camel Necklace

scan0089A while ago, back when I was sketching the camels, I started this drawing. But I got frustrated and gave up before even starting on the stone and ceramic beads. I figured I’d get back to it another day. Today is THAT day. This time I enjoyed it. And I kind of like it unfinished this way to show the progression of the art work. Hmm…The green stone beads on the right look better than the ones with all the pen marks. Rats. I keep doing that. Can’t leave well enough alone. Anyway, I found this nifty pendant at an antique shop hanging on a plain ol’ ugly chain. I thought he deserved something fancier so I put together this double strand which I think suits him much better. He’s about two inches wide and two inches high. Enamel on brass. So colorful and exotic! I’m keeping an eye out for more of his kind.

Paris Lamp

scan0029This Eiffel Tower shaped lamp shade caught my eye in a thrift store, isn’t it interesting? So elegant. And it goes perfectly with the lamp base which I found a few years ago. I love it when that happens! I remember reading something about clothing–if you buy what you love then you’ll find that your clothes and accessories will all work together. Pretty much anyway. Seems it holds true for decor too. Especially if you go for that Moroccan Bazaar/antiquities museum look. Some people call it the “garage sale waiting to happen” look.

I did this pen and watercolor picture a week ago but didn’t post it because I was going to work on it some more since I’m not completely happy with my rendition. But there it sat waiting and I never got back to it which is a bad habit I have. So I’m posting it! Because this blog isn’t about perfection, is it? The idea is to DO stuff, not agonize over details and my weird little perceptions of how things should be.

In real life this shade is more pinky/tan in color and has a lovely intricate texture and pattern to it. I couldn’t figure out how the heck I was going to depict that so I got lazy and left it plain. Maybe I will give it a try again sometime. Because I’m already agonizing over the details. Ack!