Enamel Camel Necklace

scan0089A while ago, back when I was sketching the camels, I started this drawing. But I got frustrated and gave up before even starting on the stone and ceramic beads. I figured I’d get back to it another day. Today is THAT day. This time I enjoyed it. And I kind of like it unfinished this way to show the progression of the art work. Hmm…The green stone beads on the right look better than the ones with all the pen marks. Rats. I keep doing that. Can’t leave well enough alone. Anyway, I found this nifty pendant at an antique shop hanging on a plain ol’ ugly chain. I thought he deserved something fancier so I put together this double strand which I think suits him much better. He’s about two inches wide and two inches high. Enamel on brass. So colorful and exotic! I’m keeping an eye out for more of his kind.

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