Happy Birthday, Hon

scan0245I like colorful paintings of food, flowers, and dishes strewn over a table top. Desserts I mean, not the paintings with whole fish on a plate or freshly hunted animals. I’m talking about like Maira Kalman does, and Wayne Thiebaud’s bakery items. Or this here. Today is Rich’s birthday but he said no cake since he’s trying to cut carbs. His splurge will be Italian bread with dinner since he enjoys that more than cake. I know, so weird. Although lots of people are bread lovers. Wish I didn’t like desserts so much. It’s my favorite food group. Sugar is so badass.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Hon

  1. Rich is one lucky fella! Phil says he especially likes the forks. It’s really special…so many details to look at and enjoy!

  2. Such a delightful cake/painting. Happy birthday to Rich, my favorite Fixerman! (I bet yours too). Well, my birthday is on Saturday. Can you make me a cake too? Barb


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