Grad card inspired by Basquiat

scan0249We spent a few fun days with Spence and Tuyen for his Masters graduation festivities and I made a card for him the day before we headed there. I was flipping through one of my decor books and saw a picture of an art collector’s apartment with a large Basquiat painting on the wall. Using that as my inspiration, I did my own version of his wild graffiti style using acrylic paint and markers on paper. It was a lot of fun. And then, two days after I made this card, the Wall Street Journal had a photo of the Basquiat painting I was inspired by on the front page of their business/finance section. It’s called “Dustheads” and it just sold for $35 million! Funny coincidence. Here’s Jean Michel Basquiat’s painting below: Such a startling, aggressive and exuberant style. I’m intrigued.



Happy Birthday, Hon

scan0245I like colorful paintings of food, flowers, and dishes strewn over a table top. Desserts I mean, not the paintings with whole fish on a plate or freshly hunted animals. I’m talking about like Maira Kalman does, and Wayne Thiebaud’s bakery items. Or this here. Today is Rich’s birthday but he said no cake since he’s trying to cut carbs. His splurge will be Italian bread with dinner since he enjoys that more than cake. I know, so weird. Although lots of people are bread lovers. Wish I didn’t like desserts so much. It’s my favorite food group. Sugar is so badass.

Bunny in the Meadow

scan0243I know. It’s been a long time. It’s been a weird, bleak winter and I guess I’m in a funk. I would probably feel better if I had been making art every day but no. So time to plow through the fog and make a blog post. Let’s think spring with a cute bunny in a meadow. I made this card for my friend Mary Jane who loves bunny rabbits. There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Mother and Child

IMG_0578 (2)Russian icons are fascinating pieces of religious art and I thought it would be fun to paint one. I found a picture of a gorgeous one to try copying (see below.) If you aren’t familiar with these icons, they are painted faces and hands of the Mother and Child but then the surrounding areas are covered with silver or gold leaf or tin in three dimensional low relief. Originally I thought of using the wine cap foil as the surrounding metal, but that didn’t work out so I just used acrylic paints with shiny metallic gold paint for the surround. Painting is hard, sheesh. But I’m happy enough with this little painting and it’s tender message. I feel fortunate to have our family together for the holidays and hope all is well with you and yours. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with peace and joy.


Detail from Vladimir Mother of God, 1874 from the book Mary Images Of The Virgin In Art by Marion Wheeler

Wine Cap Party Dress

winecap dress 005I was digging through my shoe box of wine caps and messing around with the lead foil. It’s like doing flat sculpture. I manipulate it until it reminds me of something and then go with that idea. I do wash my hands a lot after playing with that stuff. And I had this 5×7 canvas–the perfect size for the silver dress. I am especially pleased with the round cap border wrap. Makes me want to do a whole wardrobe of foil outfits and accessories. With scalloped borders. I loved paper dolls as a kid too.

Camp Site

scan0232This is a little charcoal sketch I did for Sam’s birthday card. Had to come up with it quickly on THE day since I had forgotten about a card and realized I can’t do a homemade b-day card for his brother and not one for him–what kind of mom would I be? Yeah, lame. He and a good friend did 4 nights and 5 days on the Long Trail  early this month. They are working on the whole thing about 50 miles at a time each September. Rich and I enjoy hearing about their venture, the beautiful scenery, the funny things people write in the log books at the shelters, their discussions about food and drink as the days go by and how sick they are of trail mix. “If you could have any beer right now, what would you pick?” And, “What meal would you kill for right now?” Stuff like that. Sam said one of the best things he did was pack a Snickers bar for each day. He said a cup of coffee, a cigarillo and a Snickers bar…doesn’t get much better than that. Hmm…I’m thinking Christmas shopping should be pretty easy this year.