Momma Bear

Here’s a belated Mother’s Day post. I drew this piece from a photo I took of a clay sculpture at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in D.C. It’s in the glass cases that serve as their visible art storage system. Louis Naranjo is the sculptor and he was from Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. He did a whole series of storyteller bears and this was his first. You can google him and see lots of photos of his wonderful clay bear sculptures. It’s smallish–about six by nine inches as I recall. Very sweet. I used watercolor pencils and am not happy with how the black bear body turned out, flat and streaky. Probably regular watercolors would have worked better for me–which is what I used for the background. Wanted to share it anyway. She looks a little dazed. Kids.

9 thoughts on “Momma Bear

  1. I love this. You have such a way with art. You co tinge to inspire me. I worked on some watercolor in Florida, but sadly, have not continued since at home. I get caught up in MSAC classes and my little world. What are you up to other than wonderful art productions?



  2. Oh Jodi, for some reason your posts weren’t coming in for me, but they are back and I love this… glad you are keeping up with your blog, we all enjoy it. The background just sets the scene for the playful bears.

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