Portraits of Jesus’s Mom

And now for some-thing completely different. I found a three-by- four inch notepad of hand-made paper and wanted to test it out. So I drew quick sketches of some favorites from the large book I have of Mary throughout the ages, as painted by different artists. I used a micron pen and then watercolor pencils for color. Fun little studies. Certainly less somber than the originals. It’s interesting to see how Mary has been depicted through the ages. Sometimes humble and kindly and other times in armor and with a sword. Pretty bad-ass. Well, she had a stressful job.

11 thoughts on “Portraits of Jesus’s Mom

  1. These are touching and amusing both. I love that you made them a little silly in the nicest possible way…

  2. Hi honey.
    Beautiful powerfull Mary.
    There is a lovely old statue of Mary inside the entrance to Georgetown Universiy Hosp. in Wash DC.
    I was a nurse in the NICU there. Each day or evening when I passed Mary, I said a small prayer. I think she had a light blue wrap with white trim. It covered her hair and then fell in thick folds to the floor. Coiled at her feet was an amazingly stunning serpent. I belive it was a symbol of her power, strength and wisdom. It wasn’t evil. It was protective. Just something i wanted to share. ❤

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  3. Been trying to decide which one I like best but I can’t. They are each terrific in their own way. And perfect for Easter week. She gets forgotten at this time of year.

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