Wine Cap Party Dress

winecap dress 005I was digging through my shoe box of wine caps and messing around with the lead foil. It’s like doing flat sculpture. I manipulate it until it reminds me of something and then go with that idea. I do wash my hands a lot after playing with that stuff. And I had this 5×7 canvas–the perfect size for the silver dress. I am especially pleased with the round cap border wrap. Makes me want to do a whole wardrobe of foil outfits and accessories. With scalloped borders. I loved paper dolls as a kid too.

11 thoughts on “Wine Cap Party Dress

  1. Oh my Jodi. That is so awesome. To see a party dress in a bunch of metal caps AND THEN TO MAKE IT! That’s talent.
    I love it.

  2. This has got to be one your most creative projects ever. But first of all, who has a wine cap collection in a shoebox? Regardless, it’s really neat!

  3. Hi Jodi,
    Rich gave me your blog, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. I had a feeling we’d be kindred spirits when he said artists’ messes( my entire house) don’t bother him. Don’t quote me. I got that he loved and appreciated
    Your creativity, so what’s the big deal about a mess? In the New Year I’d love to meet you and talk art and needing that chocolate cake.

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