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scan0232This is a little charcoal sketch I did for Sam’s birthday card. Had to come up with it quickly on THE day since I had forgotten about a card and realized I can’t do a homemade b-day card for his brother and not one for him–what kind of mom would I be? Yeah, lame. He and a good friend did 4 nights and 5 days on the Long Trail  early this month. They are working on the whole thing about 50 miles at a time each September. Rich and I enjoy hearing about their venture, the beautiful scenery, the funny things people write in the log books at the shelters, their discussions about food and drink as the days go by and how sick they are of trail mix. “If you could have any beer right now, what would you pick?” And, “What meal would you kill for right now?” Stuff like that. Sam said one of the best things he did was pack a Snickers bar for each day. He said a cup of coffee, a cigarillo and a Snickers bar…doesn’t get much better than that. Hmm…I’m thinking Christmas shopping should be pretty easy this year.

10 thoughts on “Camp Site

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Who needs to see the movie A Walk In The Woods, when your card says it all, complete with a handmade drawing.

  2. Hi, Jodie – I realized after seeing you last night that I’ve stopped getting your blog entries, I don’t know why..I’ll try to sign-up with my other email. Great to see you. I’ve become very wedded to the class even though the time isn’t great….I am now doing a blog about the Lower East Side of NYC in the 50s and 60s. We were on our way to see the movie “The Bridge of Spies” which was a very satisfying good against evil film, the honorable man sort of thing.

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