Spence And Tuyen Got Married!

s&t portraits 004Yay! It worked. The wedding I mean. It was a blue-sky sunny hot day in Stowe, VT, where we all assembled in a green field. There were heartfelt vows, a tea ceremony and Spence and Tuyen got married! Then we ate under a beautiful tent, there was merriment, good food, cake and dancing. Mountain views. Family and friends. And gorgeous big red paper lanterns lit and set afloat at dusk, quite beautiful. It was a lovely day for a lovely couple. It felt like a blur though, Rich and I were frazzled and dazed but I imagine it’s often like that for the parents. These are portraits I drew which Tuyen used on a canvas for people to sign and write notes on. The veiled portraits continue!

spence&tuyenwedding 041