Thai Dancer Dolls

scan0139I love this pair in their glittering costumes and extravagant headdresses. Found them in a thrift store for next to nothing. They fit right in on the shelf with the gilt paper fan, carved goddess head and the camels. I think one is supposed to be a guy–hence the pants– but they used the exact same feminine doll heads for both. Although mine aren’t exact. I like the shiny fabric and hot pink lips and nails. They are 15 inches tall and actually their hats are taller and pointier but I ran out of room. I should unpack the Arabian harem doll from my childhood collection, she is equally beautiful and exotic and might enjoy the company. This was fun to draw…kind of meditative with all the lines and dots. I used a gel ink pen, watercolor, colored pencils, a gold metallic pen and a white pen on Canson tinted paper.