Poe Crow

black crow“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary….”

Meant to post this Thursday since it’s suitably macabre but completely forgot. Too busy lately.

This guy was done quickly with a black crayon on a brown card. I made a B/W photocopy before sending it. Sometimes these quick, loose sketches succeed! And am I ever happier than when that happens? “NEVERMORE.”

Carved Goddess

scan0044This is one of my favorite thrift store finds from a few years ago. Found it at The Green Door, one of my regular haunts. There were two of them and of course I wanted both but restrained myself. It’s about 16 inches tall and looks hand-carved (wood) and stained or painted dark. The finish is a bit beat up, chipped and not smooth which doesn’t bother me one bit. I think she’s lovely. Looks sort of Indonesian, right? Love that headpiece.

This was a quick sketch done with a gel pen. Then I took a paintbrush dipped in water over it which made the ink bleed to create the gray tones. My rendering is much lighter than the actual ebony color–but that’s ok! I like the looseness of the sketch because my tendency is to tighten up with details too soon. I like things a little messy and unfinished. Added the peach wash for a bit of color since the last sketch was black and white also. Which reminds me–I should go read that last post or two and make sure I’m not repeating myself…OK, did that, everything’s ¬†cool–we are good to go. See you on the flip side!