Rose Bowl

scan0199A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling antsy and irritable and I realized I was having THRIFT STORE WITHDRAWAL–so I just had to go browse in one. That’s the only solution. Aside from browsing in more than one thrift store, which is what I did. Good thing because I found this sweet little bowl for two dollars. Perfect blog subject. It’s about 4″ tall and 6″ wide with a super smooth, glassy surface which I just could not manage to portray. It was a challenge–both to draw and to paint–which I would like to try again maybe after I watch some tutorials on painting reflective surfaces. The other thing is when I scan light watercolors like this, the scanner bleaches out the colors…it just doesn’t register the light tones. I tried manually adjusting to enrich it which helped– actually the color is richer here than in both my painting and the vase, which now seem a bit faded. I know, too much information, huh?