Fake Coral Candelabra

scan0166Okay. Back again after WAY too long away from the blog and art making. I started this drawing (left) using crayon and white pen, water-color pencils, and wash on tinted paper. I like drawing lone objects and I often just start drawing without a plan. But then it seems to need something else, right? A shadow or table edge or something. I started another (below) with chalk, white colored pencil and micron pen. To get the coral to look whiter like it really is. scan0167I didn’t post them since they are both unfinished. However,  I was inspired by Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work. He is like a cheerleader for creativity–an inspiring, cool dude.   He talks about showing works in progress because people are often interested in the process, not just the finished piece. And also that things don’t have to be perfect to post which I know and we’ve talked about that already a bit, haven’t we? So I’m sharing these two drawings of my fake coral candelabra which sits on my kitchen windowsill. Not a thrift store treasure but a treasure nonetheless. I love the organic shape of corals.  A drawing teacher would probably have said–draw the window and the sill. But I didn’t WANT to. Maybe if I draw enough of these, I can experiment with different background techniques. Maybe that’s what I was planning. Yeah, that’s it. THAT’S what I was planning. Heh.