Collage Portrait With Sunglasses

scan0192Let’s see now, where am I? Yikes, 2015 is cutting a trail already! But a fresh start is a good thing. Emphasis on FRESH. So cold outside! Good day to stay inside and draw. I did some veiled portraits recently but I never got around to the veil on this one because I saw these sunglasses in a magazine–the perfect size and color–so I couldn’t resist using them. Really the color was so right on! And couldn’t we all use a pair of rose-tinted glasses? I think so. The dress was cut fromĀ a treasured scrap of printed tissue paper. After watching some tutorials, I had a little more luck with this portrait by wetting the face, then painting so the colors blend easily. Can’t believe it took me so long to get that. But I’m happy to learn, however long it takes. And if I could just remember it all, that would be great.