Charcoal Class

charcoal class 001Saturday was the charcoal drawing workshop at Studio Place Arts in Barre taught by Gabriel Tempesta. Check out his website: ┬áBeautiful work–so detailed–all drawn and painted with charcoal. I especially love the bumble bee series. We got to see them up close since they are in the SPA gallery. SWEET! It’s amazing that he can get such incredible detail with charcoal.

He demonstrated some of his techniques using charcoal powder (now there’s a mess waiting to happen!) and scratching into it with pointy things and spraying with water which creates magical effects. Quite fascinating. I’d like to experiment more with it but I usually work on my dining room table and I think it’s too messy a process for that room. I don’t want it to look like I’ve been mining coal in there. Maybe I’ll set up a table in the basement. But away from the ironing board and clean laundry…

There were many talented, experienced artists in that class which was humbling to say the least but in a good way. It’s a treat to watch people at work who are confident. Bold. People who are FEARLESS. I wanna get me some o’ THAT! My drawing was a bit pale and timid alongside theirs but once I got it home, it stopped slouching and stood proud so I thought, Yeah, I could post that.