Flowing Glass Ashtray

scan0080Glass is tricky to draw and paint. I decided to leave well enough alone and not try to do the lovely but complicated cast shadows. My stupid fear stomped all over my fierce determination. Maybe another time when I’m feeling more confident. This is a gorgeous glass ashtray that was in our house when I was growing up so it was probably acquired in the late 50s or 60s. Heavy and smooth. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe my parents remember. I like to think it’s Murano glass from Italy. But probably not.

It was such a satisfying feeling when I was posting every other day or every couple of days there for a short while. Painting and drawing every day as if I had nothing else in the world I needed to do. I need to arrange my life so I can do more of that. They call it being “in the zone.” When you are focused on something and unaware of the passage of time. It’s a GOOD thing. You know what it felt like to me? It felt like my destiny.