Portrait With Fanciful Headpiece

scan0191Portraits with fantastical hats and headpieces still intrigue me. This one was cut from a fanciful chandelier in a decor magazine and I added ivory tulle on the sides and the gold feather flourish. By the way, I was perusing a Veranda magazine yesterday and saw a little watercolor I liked by Harrison Howard. I went to http://www.harrisonhoward.com and enjoyed his gallery of paintings. He does these whimsical garden scenes with flowers as ladies–the blooms being on their heads. And a couple of portraits have whole bouquets on top. Light, delicate, colorful pictures, quite enchanting. Time to start cutting out flowers…

5 thoughts on “Portrait With Fanciful Headpiece

  1. I saw headpieces like this when I was in Argentina last month at a wonderful museum. I can’t imagine wearing such a thing in my hair. Must have been so uncomfortable and heavy. Keep up the good work. Barb


  2. I enjoyed your “Fanciful Headpiece,” Jodi, and looked through a bit of Harrison Howard’s interesting gallery. Now I can’t get this tune out of my head: “In my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it….ta, da, ta, da, ta, da, da, in the Easter parade…” (Tough to shake, right?) L., Carole

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